huh?comes from just complete amazement!The things that come out of people's mouths,the things they do and the things they ask you to do.I just usually stand around with my mouth hung wide open going huh?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beans and Ham

Beans.I hate beans!My hubby is a redneck 100 percent,who of course loves beans.I have never made him beans.I think they look like roaches.Wouldn't eat them for all the money in the world!yuk!But,anyway I've decided to try and make him some beans and ham in the crockpot.I'm a pretty good cook,or so I hear.Well,I don't know how to make beans.I'm probably the only Texan girl that don't.I put water in the crockpot and took the beans out of the bag like I've seen people do.They seperate the bad beans from the good beans.They all look bad to me.Throw em' in the pot,I threw some chopped onions in there and of course the ham later.Now,what?I've been watching em' do nothing for about 3 hours.When do they turn into real beans?I'm not really sure.I'm glad my day's open.

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