huh?comes from just complete amazement!The things that come out of people's mouths,the things they do and the things they ask you to do.I just usually stand around with my mouth hung wide open going huh?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm what you might call a hardass.I like things my way,I like things done right.If your going to do something,don't do it half ass.If you do them half way, then why bother doing them it all.I also have tons of pet peeves,much to my husband's dismay.I'm constantly having to remind him to turn the light off,close the cabinet door,shut the silverware drawers,put that up,put this up and so on and so on. I just don't get it!How can you open something and not feel compelled to shut it back closed?I spend most of my days going behind someone doing these things because of some unknown reason they simply can't do it.Maybe,I'm making too much out of the whole deal.But,try going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and falling in,get up to get go get a drink and hit your head or your eyeball on a cabinet door,walk by and fall in the kitchen over a drawer that has been left open,fall over somebody's shoes in the middle of the floor and so on.I think you get what I'm saying.Next time someone leaves their shoes in the middle of the floor,I'm super glueing them to the carpet!

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