huh?comes from just complete amazement!The things that come out of people's mouths,the things they do and the things they ask you to do.I just usually stand around with my mouth hung wide open going huh?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can't be bought or faked,it's something that you have to give or you don't.I knew one person truly capable of this in my life and now she is gone.She always smiled.I always found that amazing,how can someone be always happy.I guess maybe it comes from inner peace.It seems like she made an event out of life.She didn't just get through it like alot of us do.Everyday she got up just thinking about what to do or say to make all of us happy.I know that we too many times just took that for granted.How I wished I hadn't.I really don't believe she ever had an evil or unpure thought.Amazing!She was just happy to be and to take care of her family.All the things that we women(or men) do day to day, like house cleaning,cooking,etc. she actually enjoyed it.I wish I was more like her.I don't know if she enjoyed the chores or just enjoyed them because she was doing it for us.I remember her dancing as she cooked,that is one of my favorite memories.She would let me watch on tv whatever I wanted,cook me 12 pieces of cinnamon toast,scratch my back for hours when I was little,and spend the whole day just talking to me.I believe that everybody has that one special person that grabs their heart and never let's go.I know I'll never let her go.

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